Updated: Jun 11, 2019

I just started a new job after a six month stretch of searching. After countless interviews, many letdowns, rejection letters, and meetings, I finally scored a job. All of my energy, nerves combined was invested in proving that I was worthy of my new found position as a business operations director for a retail startup. Doubt, fear mixed with excitement and gratitude all bundled into one. After a long meeting with my bosses aka the cofounders of the company, I felt an array of emotions for this new beginning. That day I was on a phone detox, giving all my energy to my new job. Finally, I took a break, picked up my phone to catch up with the world. Feeling torn about my new position and giving up the creative freedom I just experienced the past six months, I sat down to enjoy a quick lunch and sort out all of these feelings. But first, a social media binge. To my surprise, my phone was full of notifications.

Then it happened: Vogue. I was featured in Vogue. See, I’m a fashion girl. No .... like old school fashion girl. Purchase every vogue, harpers and Elle magazine type girl. Watch all the fashion collections and know every creative director of fashion houses- type girl. Old school fashion addict. A time when you had to work to be a part of this industry. A time when a woman of color was rarely featured in these magazines, let alone worked for them. So it had been a lifelong dream to be featured in vogue. Not only as a stylist but ME! An African American woman from Brooklyn. A place (pre-gentrification) that was limited to exposure to such pleasures as fashion.

So let’s take it back .... every year I escape the trenches of the city to travel with the travel group BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES. This travel group not only takes me on worldly adventures but creates a safe haven for a release of emotions, emotions that I am usually policed for having. Each year we do a group photo shoot to signify our journey and to reflect the political and emotional climate of that year. Last year we did a pink photoshoot, inspired by women empowerment. I was excited to meet the new girls of our Morocco travels, for our round table discussions and most of all a fab Photoshoot in the Moroccan desert. Our shoot was amazing and not only did I meet the new girls of BGK, during our travels we met a new photographer who would end up doing our shoot, say hello to Nicki Silvanus. With K. Ingram’s creative direction and Nickis amazing photography skills, our shoot came out flawless.

Fast forward to months later, me starting my new job and taking that infamous lunch break...During that lunch break (as mentioned earlier), it was too my surprise that I was featured in Vogue. Our picture that we shot in the Moroccan desert was chosen as a series of travel photos. I was so much in shock, trying to process it all and let it drown out my first-week-new-job jitters. This was a sign from the universe, that my dreams were valid and not to give up. For a moment I was taken back to that hot day in the desert surrounded by my new found sisters of BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES and the talented Nicki. I remember being fearless on that trip and jumping on the back of a villagers motorcycle. I felt a tiny bit self-conscious about my weight. But I knew I wanted this pic to capture my gratitude for this travel group, my fierce femininity, and beautiful Morocco. Just like that, Vogue. Keep striving. Keep dreaming.

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