"Taking Black Girl Magic Worldwide"

BGK is...

BGK is a documented Movement about an intimate group who share the commonality as global citizens being “Black Girls”. The annual series narrates how these women meet at an international table for the first time; and root themselves in a formation of Sisterhood, explore through world Travel, and share "HERstory" of Black Girl Khronicles.

Check out BGK TV while we build out a community site designed for us... by us. A home where being unapologetically black is welcomed and narratives are told not for the likes but for the authentic narratives that they are.




BGK TV: Highlighted Segments 


Contact us at bgk@kkhronicles.com

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Come Fly With Us and join a community of sisterhood through travel with BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES. 

Don’t be shy Sis, leave your details and drop us a line; and we will be sure to let you know when we have launched our new website.  Designed For Us and By Us, this will be a safe place where she  can confidently tell HERstory. In the mean time Catch up and tune into BGK TV.


                             -BGK Founder, K.KHRONICLES

                   “Taking Black Girl Magic Worldwide”

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