BGK Founder

Kalila Ingram of K.KHRONICLES 

BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES was developed  under the umbrella of K.KHRONICLES, a lifestyle brand created by founder Kalila Ingram, a digital journalist & visual communicator hailing from the styling world of published high-end fashion editorials. She has curated a digital platform comprised of Style, Travel & Community all rooted in the essence of world Culture.

K.KHRONICLES is in it’s deep midst and grass roots of revolutionizing an unprocessed perspective of travel across the globe. Community Travel for K.KHRONICLES launched in 2017 with the annual  travel docu series Black Girl Khronicles.

As a citizen of the world who enjoys the hypermobility of travel, Kalila was taken back at the devoid of black travelers she seen abroad. After receiving such a positive response primarily from other black women,about her personal travel journey  and mission; she knew that it was her calling to cultivate a formation of sisterhood that would “Take Black Girl Magic Worldwide” By gathering a collective group of black women each year who are willing to share HERstory while exploring an authentic cultural experience ; she is able to share the power of travel through the eyes and shared voices of these women to inspire the black community to see outside their geographical norm. 


Enter the world of for an intimate and experiential exploration, a portfolio of Krē-ā′tive Services, an unedited take on world Style; and a wanderlusting travel community that value a necessary means to “Kreate Your Happiness”