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BGK is....

"Taking Black Girl Magic Worldwide"

a documented Movement about an intimate group who share the commonality as global citizens being black women. 

The annual series narrates how these women meet at an international table for the first time; and root themselves in a formation of SISTERHOOD, explore through world TRAVEL and share "HERstory" of Black Girl Khronicles


 BGK is a travel community designed for Black Women to have an authentic cultural experience. While the black travel community is growing there is still a devoid and miseducation of world travel. Exposure to global destinations create a new environment and the stunning backdrop to the annual filmed docuseries BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES.


BGK is cultivating the formation and importance of supported Sisterhood. Each year travelers are selected for the individuality that she brings to a new group of black women. These women spend a significant amount of time exploring world culture collectively; and soon Strangers become Sisters after sharing HERstory at our international table. 


BGK is a safe place to share HERstory. We welcome our travelers to be unapologetically black, by using their voices to narrate their personal and travel KHRONICLES. Travel with BGK provides a curated space, and the type of wanderlusting experience that shape and even shake HER perspective.