BGK is....

 a documented Movement about an intimate group who share the commonality as global citizens being black women. 

The annual series narrates how these women meet at an international table for the first time; and root themselves in a formation of SISTERHOOD, explore through world TRAVEL and share "HERstory" of Black Girl Khronicles



BGK Founder Kalila Ingram is no stranger when it comes to connecting with global communities. Her personal experience at the SKY program in Soweto, South Africa gave major insight on how partnering with grass rooted organizations would not only allow her to connect as a traveler, but bring awareness and social justice to a positive cause.

In 2018 she layered a day of "Giving Back to the Kŭl′chər" in the BGK travel programming and brand mission. Starting with a visit to Project Soar at their HQ location in Morocco.


vogue herstory

Then it happened: Vogue. I was featured in Vogue. See, I’m a fashion girl. No .... like old school fashion girl. Purchase every vogue, harpers and Elle magazine type girl. Watch all the fashion collections and know every creative director of fashion houses- type girl. Old school fashion addict. A time when you had to work to be a part of this industry. A time when a woman of color was rarely featured in these magazines, let alone worked for them. So it had been a lifelong dream to be featured in vogue. Not only as a stylist but ME! An African American woman from Brooklyn. A place (pre-gentrification) that was limited to exposure to such pleasures as fashion.

So let’s take it back .... every year I escape the trenches of the city to travel with the travel group BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES. This travel group not only takes me on worldly adventures but creates a safe haven for a release of emotions, emotions that I am usually policed for having.



Rather you are a new passport holder, want to continue spreading your wings, or a seasoned citizen of the world; there is a place for you in our travel community.

Some of you may still be waiting on your girlfriends to get their stuff together to take that group trip you always wanted. While others don’t mind traveling alone you are still open to good company and immersive experiences.

BGK Travel is definitely  not your typical travel group. We believe in cultivating a formation of sisterhood through world exploration while sharing our Black Girl Khronicles.

“What is a Black Girl Khronicle, Huh?

It’s our personal narrative on life as a black woman. Our accomplishments, shared challenges, and individual paths. It’s not commercialized or edited for the likes but true to our authentic voices.

“We welcome those that want to share HERstory with the world

while experiencing somewhere new, WITh a GROUP OF women open to exploration & community"

Travel with BGK provides the type of wanderlusting experience that SHAPE and even SHAKE your perspective. So I ask you again….

Are you ready to FLY with BLACK GIRL KHRONICLES?


Kalila Ingram of K.KHRONICLES

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